1. General Description
Brand: SunnyFruits..
Variety: Red Deliciuos and Granny Smith.

Harvest Time: February and March.

Place of Production: Province of Mendoza - Argentina.
Certification:Organic under EU standards and NOP.
Certifier: Organización Internacional Agropecuaria (USDA and I                 FOAM accredited)
Type of Process: Tunnel.
Harvest Time: February.
Place of Production: Province of Mendoza - Argentina.
1. Product Description
This product is made from fresh and clean apples 100% organically grown and dried, produced at the feet of the Andes Mountain in Mendoza – Argentina. This dried organic apples contain the same vitamins, minerals and fiber as their fresh counterparts. The product is prepared under Good Manufacturing Practices standards and under conditions of safety and hygiene so as to reduce all risks of contamination during the process.
3. Physical and Chemical

Values for Red Deliciuos Variety
A. Color: Light with the peel red or green depending on the variety.
B. Flavor: Typical of the variety and free from off flavors.
D. Moisture: Upon request. From 3% to 18%.
E. Impurities: Free of foreign matters.
4. Packaging

This product is packed in corrugated cardboard cases with plastic bags without the aggregate of any preserver nor additive.

Net weight per case:    22 lbs. (Upon request it can be modified).

Gross weight: 25 lbs.

Plastic Bags: 1 bags of 22 lbs each per case.

Transport:  A 20ft dry container can be loaded with approximately
                     360 cases.
This product is best stored in cool (40-50 F), dry (50-60% HR) conditions, and should be used with 12 months for optimal quality. Store at 32 F or less for prolonged shelf life.
6. Non-GMO Statement
This product is 100% certified free from genetically modified organisms.
7. Nutrition Information per 100 grams
Calories (Kcal):    368  Protein (g):       3.0
Fats (g):  0.5 Carbohydrates (g):  89,.2  
Dietary fiber (g):   4.2   Range of value: variations may occur due to crop.
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