Brand: BioPulp.
Variety: Red Delicious, Golden Deliciuos and Granny Smith.

Harvest Time: February and March.

Place of Production: Province of Mendoza - Argentina.
Certification: Organic under EU standards and NOP.
Certifier: Organización Internacional Agropecuaria (USDA, IFOAM
                 and ISO 65 acreditted; Recognized by EU, CAQ and

The product is obtained by washing, pulping, and finishing fresh, mature, sound and clean organic apples.  They are free from disease, mold, rot, insects or other damage and strained through a 0.020" screen in the final finisher. The product is free of seeds, stems, calyx, or core. All raw materials and components can be traceable from original source through delivery to Customer.

For Red Delicious, product is offered with peel or peeled. Process has HACCP certification issued by Bureau Veritas. The production facility is totally new with Rossi Catteli equipments. It was opened in 2006, becoming the most modern and high tech puree plant in Argentina.


Values for Red Deliciuos Variety
A. Acidity as Malic: 0.25 – 0.30.
B. Bostwick at 12 Brix @ 72 °F/30 second:  Min 8 cms  Max 11 cms.
C. Brix degrees: Single Strength or Concentrated.
D. Patulin:  50 ppb max.
E. pH:  4.0 max.
F. Specks: 1 speck, greater than 0.033 inches, per 50g of sample, max.
G. Appearance: Typical of apple puree.
H. Flavor and Aroma: Characteristic apple flavor and aroma and free from
                                      objectionable flavor and odors.
I. Hunter Color: L: 37 - 41 ; A: 0 - 5; B: 15 – 2O.
J. Foreign Materials: None.

Aseptic Bags in a steel drums of 230 kilos approximately depending the concentration level. Packaging meets regulations for food contact and is sufficiently robust to protect the product during storage and distribution. Packaging excludes metal staples. Each drum is labeled as certified organic and marked with processor's name, contents, processor's lot code, process date and net weight.

Store in a cool and dry place. Once it opens, use inmediately or keep in a refrigerated place between 2ºC and 8ºC.

 This product is 100% certified free from genetically modified organisms.

Casa Central: Carril Godoy Cruz 9889 - Guaymallen - Mendoza - Argentina
Planta de Procesamiento: Carril Godoy Cruz 9889 - Guaymallen - Mendoza - Argentina
Tel. 5426-1482-1253 / Fax. 5426-1482-1253